Things u can make with all purpose flour

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 8  Delicious way u can use all purpose flour....

1...to make southern-style biscuits

2..peanut Butter blossom

3..jelly thumbprints cookies

4..banana-nutalla crapes

5..banana bread 

6..homemade donuts

7..snackerdoodle cookies

8..Rosemary garlic focaccia

Banana bread... Is one of the sweetness bread I have ever seen.... This will help us to know and also to learn and know different things made with flour of all kinds

Flour is not only use for make or baking coke a,bread etc ....their are other things out there that flour is also used for as I have mentioned above for example.. Rosemary garlic focaccia

I know that some of us don't know about it but see through this little post made it known by u 

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