Stop saying "pure water", here is what you should say.

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Stop saying "pure water", here is what you should say.

There are many blunders we make that we need to start correcting. However, this can affect students in their exams and can cause failure.

In this article, I'll go through some errors again that you need to start avoiding as an individual. Below are some errors:

1. How was your day? (Wrong)

How has your day been? (Correct)

2. Raise up your hands (wrong)

Raise your hands (correct)

3. Stand up (wrong)

Stand (correct)

4. How was your night? (Wrong)

Hope you slept well? (Correct)

5. This is the reason why (wrong)

This is why or this is the reason (correct)

6. The man is a gateman (wrong)

The man is a gatekeeper (correct)

7. I'm going to night vigil ( wrong)

I'm going to vigil (right)

8. What does your time say on your phone or clock (wrong)

What time is it now on your phone or clock (correct)

9. Upper week (wrong)

Last two week (correct)

10. I want to write WAEC and JAMB (wrong)

I want to sit for UTME and WASSCE (correct)

I hope you have learned something from these above words. Those are some blunder we often make.

Now to "pure water", it is wrong to say this. The best thing to say is "sachet water". Most of us don't know this, we have been saying the wrong word all this while.

As of today, we should speak the right thing.

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