Meet The Dog That Inherited $80 million

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Meet The Dog That Inherited $80 million

In terms of riches, humans are mostly considered being the top on the table. But it will also shock you that not only humans have the cash we all crave to get but animals are even far richer than most wealthy men in Nigeria even celebrities net worth are no match compared to that of some pets.

that why in this article Executional will show you a dog that is considered the world's richest pet, meet Gunther IV.

Gunther IV was born in the year 1991, he was the son of Gunther III. Gunther IV never became rich over night he inherited his riches from his father, the sum of $80 million.

The riches this dog enjoy still goes back to the owner of Gunther III that is,the father Gunther IV. The owner of this dog, Countess Karlotta Libenstein who died 1991 left her inheritance for her dog since she have no kids of her own, and after the death of Gunther III,Gunther IV took over.

With a wise and trusted managers they were able to invest Gunther IV money yielding four times it original value, today Gunther IV has a net worth of $375 million. Wow! what a rich dog.

Gunther IV is a black-browm German Shepherd. Generally German Shepherd have a life span of 10 to13 years but Gunther IV is already 28 years which made some people view the present dog as an imposer.

Gunther IV own many cars and expensive things,he also own a house worth $7.5 million in Miami.

What do you think of Gunthers IV's wealth?

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