Impact of change

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Impact of change

Change has alot of meaning however these days Am Talking regarding Human modification In Character And mental attitude

Change merely suggests that To Become completely different, or to create one thing completely different completely Either from one thing to one thing or From one Character to a different Or From a location to a different.



7 things you will never change till you modify.


1. you can never change The way individuals Treat You till you change how You Treat individuals


2.You can't change Your Character until you change Your mental attitude


3. you cannot change What You Harvest till you change What You Sow.


4. you cannot change The Direction Of Your Life till you change The One Driving You.


5. you can't change Your monetary state of affairs till you change Your monetary Behavior


6. you can't change The manner you think until you change What You Hear, What You hear, What You browse and What You Watch.


7. you can't change ME until you change YOU

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