If you are between 21 - 40 here is what you must do.

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1. If you are above 21 years, you must plan for your future. You have to plan well against the future.

2. If you are above 21 years, start a savings.


You could have a money box for savings. You could be saving at least 100 or 200 everyday, at the end of 2years or 3years it will be a big money and you can start up a business. You could even save 500 or 1000 everyday, depending on your capabilities.

3. Don’t let a woman destroy your life plans, be careful in terms of how you relate personally with women.

4. Be close to God, always tell God that may His will be done in your life.

5. Always tell God to connect you with your divine helpers. Tell God to favour you in anything you will lay your hands on.

6. If you are above 21 years always make sure you relate with a girl that will help you and not a girl that will destroy you.

7. If you are above 21 years never join any cult group. It won’t help you instead it will destroy you.

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