How to put out a kitchen fire..

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1. Cut off the oxygen of microwave or oven fires. If something flames up in the oven or the nuke machine, stay calm. Turn off the device, close the door, and watch it closely. Closing it off and eliminating the heat source should make small fires die down quickly. Get your fire extinguisher and watch it closely.

2.Put a lid on it. If you've flamed up something in the skillet, use the lid (or a lid of larger size) to clap on quickly and smother it. This is the quickest and most effective way of stopping the fire.

3.Use baking soda or salt on grease fires. If you're frying bacon and the grease catches on fire, it can be a tricky proposition. You can use the lid method, or use a slightly damp towel to smother the fire, but usually the safest and quickest (though not cleanest) method is to sprinkle a liberal amount of baking soda or salt onto the grease to quickly absorb it and eliminate the fire at the source.

4.Always call the fire department immediately in the event of electrical fires. It's extremely dangerous to try to control or extinguish electrical fires yourself because they're very difficult to anticipate and trace the source of. Get out of your home immediately, getting everyone to safety, and call the fire department.

Stay safe

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