How To Attract Many Customers In Your Business

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Most of the people in the world have been struggling to feed their families using the little income they get from their small businesses.

There are those people who wake up very early in the morning to go to their businesses but at the end of the day they get a very little amount of money. This is because only a few customers bought their goods.

There are other people who opens their businesses late and makes a lot of profit before they go to sleep.

These people sell the same products but earns differently.

Many people are low income earners and they cannot afford to advertise their goods in TV, Radio or using gazette. So for those who have small businesses this is the simplest and cheapest style to apply in order to attracts many customers.

1.Always be welcoming to the customers.

Create an environment where the customer will feel loved and appreciated. First when you see a customer entering the door you should put a lovely face and be the first to greet him or her. Welcome him to the premises. For example; How are you madam? How is the family? How can/may I help you ? If it is kiswahili; Hujambo? Wengine wazima? Karibu sana,nikusaidiaje? If it's your vanacular it will be more easier. This will make your customers feel much loved and they will come back again for the good service.

2.Give some discounts to your customers

This works perfectly. Many Customers like the places where they are being given discount for the goods they buy. Give them at least a discount of 5% or even 10%. If you know you can still make profit after paying all expenses and giving discount, just do it because it will work miracles to you. Those customers you give discount are the one who will advertise your business. They will tell their friends about good survices you offer there and they will all come to your shop. If you are mean then they might go where there is discount given. Remember this is only applicable where you can still get profit after giving discount.

3. Give them free gifts on top of the good they buy.

Most customers will be happy if given a free gift when they buy more goods for example you are selling mandazi.A customer buys 10 mandazi where one goes for five bob hence making a total of forty, you can give that customer one more free. That will not make you to incur any loss. I hope now you can relate.

4. Use social media to advertise your goods.

Use Facebook, Twitter or watsapp to advertise your goods. Give the location of the business. People will come to your business.

5. Make many friends as possible.

Try to make friends every now and then, request for their phone numbers. Be calling them to know how they are doing. These people will always come to buy to your shop because you are always there for them.

Remember bad behavior, hating people , talking rudely and ignoring customers are the worst enemies to the prosperity of your business.

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