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Eradicating child labor in every societies of the world are essential in bringing development to any nation. In Nigeria with all endowments ranging from human resources to natural resources, it's a discomfiture that Nigeria have high rate of child labor.

Children are the glory and joy of life. Children are the gift of God on earth. They are the basis of development in any nation. With these ubiquitous essence of children to life and its function to nation, it's however saddened to know that most children are deprived from their right to education, right to childhood enjoyment and other basic right necessary for children to develop to their full potential as a result of employment that is physically, mentally, socially and morally harmful to children known as child labor.

Child labor as a cankerworm all around the world may be responsible for the reason as to why countries thrive and some fail. As they say "children are the leaders of tomorrow". This means that nations that are willing to provide viable and visionary leaders that will contribute to the nation development, to this extent should be ready to shun child labor because child labor is an impediment to child development which may leads to the nation impediment.

In Nigeria child labor has become an hydra headed problem that pervade the nooks and crannies of the nation. According to UNICEF, it was said that more than half of Nigeria 79 million children between the age of 5 & 17 are employed in industries and also work in activities like street vendor, shoe shinning, domestic servant etc. all of which affect the efficiency of children in school and their physical and mental health which are necessary for children successful development to adult.

The reason for child labor is not farfetched, the economic decadent of the nation has compelled parent, guardian and care givers to put children to work in order to augment the economic need of the family. Judging this from self preservation perspective child labor may be justified but the adverse effect of child labor on the long run to the nation outweighs the utility parent derives. Thus, child labor becomes an Icarus paradox because the decadence of the economy will affect the nation and the family as a whole.

During the course of child labor children are exposed to dangers like injury, accident, abuse, diseases which compromise children physical and mental health which are necessary for children to transit to adult that will contribute to the nation development.  

Although, government has taken some step in order to curb the increase of child labor but most policies made to that effect are not giant enough to suppress the menace of child labor. Therefore, child labor persist and Nigeria continue to lose her potential developer. Hence, this situation begs for the question,


Investing in children by preventing children from engaging in labor will intensify the number of children enroll to school and increase the attendance of children in Nigeria schools this means, in the future Nigeria will have enough know-how and competent adults that will use their intellectual prowess to develop the nation also it will increase the number of conscious citizen that will check the excesses of the government and citizens that will bring the government into book anytime they transgress, which is essential for Nigeria development. 

On similarly note, the eradication of child labor will reduce the rate of childhood death which will consequentially increase the number of adults that are physically and mentally healthy in a labor market and to contribute to the nation economy which in turn leads to development. In addition, the essence of investing on children bring strong political system, social system etc.

This is a calling for well meaning Nigerians and organizations to campaign against child labor in order to ensure the development of Nigeria.

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