Do these things before you marry

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Let's say you are ripe and ready to get married, You go in search of that special someone, your missing rib. You finally find that special somebody that tickles your fancy, that person that gives you butterflies and makes you happy always.

The next step is to start planning marriage and imagining how your future would be, yeah it is always that way. Sorry to burst your fantasy bubble, but before you get married there are 5 very important things you must do, so as to be happy In marriage. 

1. Go and check your genotype, it is the most important thing any couple must do, even before dating. You have to know if the both of you are compatible, so as not to give birth to children with Sickle cell, do not bring a child into this world to suffer. No matter how much you love your spouse, if your genotype is not compatible, please do not get married so you don't lose a child. 

2. Check your fertility status, this is also very important as the first one. You have to know if your partner is fertile or not, so you do not end up training another man's child, or start blaming people for your childlessness. 

3. Make sure you get to know the traditions of the place you are getting married into, there are lots of places in Nigeria with different traditions. Some traditions have great repercussions for cheating, some traditions allow men or women marry alot of people. So please get to know more about the place you are going, to avoid stories. 

4. Make sure you get to know the kind of family you spouse came from, study them, be close to them and treat them like your own family. If your husband or wife's family loves you, there would be peace in your home. 

5. Lastly make sure you get to know the kind of job your wife or husband does, alot of peopld get married and start discovering dark secrets about their spouse. If possible ask around, you would be able to find out if your spouse have enemies, or have secrets that might affect you in future. 

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