9 things no one tells you about living alone.

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I have lived alone for more than five years, and it has been a fantastic experience compared to the two times I had roommates. I have enough roommates’ horror stories to last a lifetime. Living by yourself can be exciting but can also be challenging. I get questions on what my experience has been, so this post is to address some of the things no one tells you about living alone.

Considerations to keep in mind

Your neighborhood is critical: This is very understated, but your neighborhood is super important when it comes to living alone. With roommates, you can almost live anywhere because at least there is one other person so you feel safer. You want to ensure that the neighborhood is safe and has things you enjoy doing nearby. Ensure it is walkable, and you feel safe. Walk around the neighborhood a couple of times before you choose an apartment so you have an idea of what you are getting into.

It’s expensive: Before you started living alone, everything was split with roomies or paid for by guardians. The bills weren’t manageable, but now that you are living alone, the electricity and gas bills are all on you. You open the tap, and all the water bills are yours. Make sure you have a strict budget so you don’t overspend.

Cooking for one is a science: You already know ordering out is expensive but cooking for one is a real science. Before you know it, you’ve prepared a pot of jollof rice meant for six people when you wanted to cook a small meal for yourself. You will eventually get used to cooking for one, but it takes a lot of time.

You need to make more plans – not to be alone (socializing is difficult): Because you now live alone, it can get comfortable staying indoors, which is not a bad thing, but you need to know when to step out and socialize with people. It can get awkward when you get used to living alone and not being around people, so you need to make an effort.

Shopping for fresh groceries: The same way cooking for one is tricky; buying fresh fruits is also tricky. You overestimate what you think you can eat, and sometimes the fruits don’t come in smaller quantities, which is frustrating. To deal with this, I usually fruits to increase longevity.


You learn to laugh alone: Living alone can become lonely sometimes, no-one to listen to your jokes. So you learn to laugh alone. I am both Kevin hart and the audience in my apartment – it sounds crazy, but when you start to live alone, it will make sense.

The apartment is all yours: A plus side of living alone is now the apartment is all yours! You can do whatever you want. Your birthday suit can be your favorite new outfit. 


Every sound in the middle of the night sounds like a scary movie: Literally, every sound is amplified. I feel like I am always on guard. Someone rattles their door two floors down, and you think someone is breaking into your apartment. Someone mistakenly jiggles your door, and you think these are the last few moments of your life. It increases your anxiety levels. It is ridiculous.

Being Sick sucks: One of the worst things about living alone is being sick. There is no one to bring you soup, check on how you are doing, or take care of you. I don’t get sick often, but the one time I have gotten ill with no one there, it has felt like hell.

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