30 sweet names to call your girlfriend.

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Giving your loved ones cute names is not new and it emphasizes or describe how important they are to you. Giving a dear one a cute nickname is also one of the ways to show how dearly you love the person. Your girlfriends deserve a nickname else you end up losing her to a more romantic guy. 


  Here are the list of cute names to call your girlfriend and their meanings.

1. Babylicious -A combination of baby and delicious. 

2.Sweetheart -If she is sincere and sweet. 

3.Canoodle -Your girlfriend will most likely cherish this cute name. 

4.Chickadee -Unsual and cute. 

5.Angel -If you she is your guardian angel. 

6. Bub -If she is too adorable. 

7. Beautiful -A timeless classic. 

8. Babe -If she is s3xy and lacks creativity. 

9.Love -If you nothing but love if you see her. 

10. Hottie -If she is your hottie, let her be aware. 

11. Angel face -This is similar to love face or baby face. 

12. Lady Bug -Kind of cute. 

13.Cupcake -For your weekend fling. 

14. Hot mama -If your girlfriend is curvy and s3xy. 

15. Joy -If she gives you joy. 

16. Spring -If she adds colour to your life. 

17. Darling -Even if you dislike this cute name she will love it. 

18. Wifey -Someone you plan to make your life partner. 

19. Honey -A classic rolls on the tongue. 

20. Cinderalla -As she is a princess to you. 

21. Happiness -If she is the reason for your happiness. 

22. Boo -If you find her s3xy. 

23. My All -If she means everything to you. 

24. Apple of my eyes -Someone special you love and cherish. 

25. My queen -She is the ruler of your heart. 

26. Baby boo -A cute name for a girl you like alot. 

27. Lollipop -For a delicious and irresistible girlfriend. 

28. Blue eyes -If her eyes are only thing you see. 

29. Dearest -A woman who means the world to you. 

30. Fav Fav -Your favourite girl. 

Hope you find these cute names beneficial.

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