The Top Toddler Clocks

Are you being woken up by enthusiastic little ones who don’t understand sleeping in on Saturdays? Want to help your toddler determine the difference between the sun being up and it being time to rise and shine? A toddler clock could be just the piece of gear you are looking for. We considered multiple top contenders for inclusion in our hands-on clock testing before zeroing in on 5 popular options to use with real toddlers. After much use and research, we’ve narrowed the field down to the best choices and included a few words concerning the not so great competition. So whether you want a simple light changing game changer or a mini entertainment system with storytelling capabilities, we’ve got you covered.
The Stoplight Alarm Clock came with some very sloppy painting and visible glue blobs leaving us to question its overall quality.

Best Overall Toddler Clock
My Tot Clock
My Tot Clock (New and Improved Version) has both a digital clock face and digital time. Editors’ Choice Award

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Type: Digital & Clock Face | Power: Plug & Battery
Light change indicators
Kid-proof (mostly)
Hard to set up
Hard to see screen
The My Tot Clock is the ultimate in toddler clock wizardry. With bells and whistles that are intuitive and function well, this clock is very well-made, a versatile clock that is fun for children. The components withstand tiny tot play and offer fun features like stories and music, as well as useful ones like color change indicators for sleep, wake, nap, time out, and a nightlight and white noise. Our little testers love this clock and repeatedly chose it over the other options in our review. Even before they knew it could sing songs and tell stories, they were drawn to its big friendly face with fun peripheral designs and easy to carry chunky handle. The Tot Clock is relatively kid proof with hidden buttons and a 5-second hold for activating exposed buttons. Older children will be able to remove the faceplate, and our 3-year-old tester had the color change buttons down in under 3 minutes and was able to use the top buttons without help, but it is more kid-proof than the competition. You can even purchase different faceplates or additional story cartridges to personalize your clock.

While we aren’t huge fans of the digital clock face (it is harder to see), or the limited volume range and the setup process is harder to use, we still choose this clock over the competition and believe the My Tot Clock is a quality product that is kid-centric with thoughtful features.

Best on a Budget
My Sleep Clock
The My Sleep Clock has fewer features than the more expensive My Tot Clock  but for parents on a budget  it is a great buy that retains the most important functionalities found on the Tot Clock. Best Value Award

List Price
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Type: Digital & Clock Face | Power: Battery
Light change indicators
Kid-proof (mostly)
Easier to use
Fewer features
Power adapter costs extra
The My Sleep Clock is similar to the My Tot Clock but it runs on batteries only and has fewer features like story cartridges and additional songs. This makes it an attractive option for families who are looking for a budget-friendly clock that little ones will be drawn to that is both kid-proof and higher quality. This clock has all of the must-have features of the My Tot Clock without the additional bells and whistles many kids will grow tired of anyway. You still get the color changes for bedtime, naptime, and waketime, plus it plays the lullabies, white noise, and wake music stored on the clock. With fewer features which means My Sleep Clock is also a little easier to use.

While some parents complain that this clock is a battery only option, we feel it is still a great buy and adding the additional adapter still keeps the budget lower than much of the competition. Together with the available power adapter (sold separately) the total price of this clock is still $20 less than the Tot Clock. This Makes the My Sleep Clock a toddler clock we think can get the job done and keep the wallet happy.

Simple and Budget-Friendly
Mirari Ok to Wake
Mirari OK to Wake comes with 2 face plates and is battery operated Best Value Award

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Type: Digital | Power: Battery
Easy to use
Simple design kids can understand
Fun interactive feature
No power adapter
Lower quality
The Mirari Mirari Ok to Wake is straight-forward and works as advertised with a price of almost half of the My Tot Clock. This simple clock has very few features, but it does them well and as expected including a nightlight and color change alarm (from yellow to green) to indicate it’s time to wake up (not audible alarm is included). It functions on 4 AA batteries only (no power adapter). Its simplicity appealed to our tot testers who were attracted to the blob design and the animated face that appears when you touch the right foot. Our testers grasped the color change without a problem, and the light is bright enough to see even during a daytime nap. This clock has no traditional clock face with only digital numbers to tell the time. This isn’t a deal breaker but it seems like a misplaced opportunity to familiarize kids with clocks and telling time. The setup for the Ok to Wake is fairly easy but we needed extra help to get the nightlight to stay on while using the timer feature. This clock’s buttons are concealed behind a faceplate that is very easy to remove (under 20 seconds for our 2-year-old tester), so we wouldn’t call it kid proof and it could lead to a regular need to reset it.

Online reviewers indicate a regular occurrence of broken clocks, bad battery connections, and clocks that lose time. We didn’t have these problems during testing, but we can see that the quality of the clock may be lacking in general. However, if you want a clock that changes color at a predetermined time, without the added cost of extra bells and whistles, then the OK to Wake might just be the solution you are looking for.

Notable, But Not the Best…
Not all toddler clocks are created equal and the following are two we tested that just didn’t pass muster. Read on to see why we think these options may not meet your needs.

Time Teaching Potential?
Mirari Teach Me Time
The Mirari Teach Me Time comes with 3 interchangeable faceplates and a power adapter for plugging into an outlet. Top Pick Award

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Type: Digital & Clock Face | Power: Plug & Battery backup
Actual clock face
Telling time activity
Kid-friendly face
Difficult to use
Seriously, difficult to use
The Mirari Teach Me Time clock can be set to change colors at a certain time and even has an audible alarm just like mom and dads. This higher priced option includes a clock face to familiarize children with real clocks and interactive activities designed to help them learn how to tell time. It has a “hidden” setup panel, child-centric design, and plugs in (something the Ok to Wake doesn’t do). Our little testers were intrigued by the blob design but toddlers as young as 2 figured out how to open the access panel in under 20 seconds making it not very kid-proof.

While we like the concept of teaching little ones time, this clock feels more like a gimmick than a real teaching tool. We suspect little ones will lose interest after a day or two and only press the foot to hear the robotic voice say the time instead of really trying to figure it out. Also, while we like the simpler Ok to Wake, this clock is confusing and hard to use. With non-intuitive buttons on the back and the visual indicators on the front, you can’t make adjustments and look at what you are doing at the same time. Ours didn’t come with a manual but even after we found it online and watched a video, we never did figure out how to set the audible alarm (a problem shared by many online reviewers). The Teach Me Time is a good idea, but it falls short in execution with a higher price for features you can’t figure out and a time game children will quickly lose interest in. If you’d like a clock that changes color we think the Ok to Wake is a better choice. If you want to teach your child how to tell time we think there are less expensive, more fun ways to do this than this clock.

Cute But Fragile
Stoplight Alarm Clock
The Stoplight Alarm Clock comes in a variety of models including styles for boys  girls  and characters from Sesame Street.
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Type: Digital | Power: Plug
Plugs in
Understandable color changes
Easy to use
Not kid-proof
Poorly put together
The Stoplight Alarm Clock is a cute clock at first blush with its large easy to see lights and ceramic figures. The buttons are easy to use, even without the manual, and you’ll have it up and running in no time with little ones waiting for the light to change. This clock is relatively budget-friendly, but for the price, we suspect parents may expect better quality or durability than they get. While we concede this clock will work well for some smaller children when it is placed out of reach, it isn’t very versatile and it could easily be broken. We were disappointed in the visible glue strings and globs, and the poor paint job that fails to stay within the lines of its own design. For parents hoping to teach children anything about actual time, this clock is a no go as it has a small, hard to read digital clock (no clock face) that cannot be seen at a distance, which is where you need to place this clock so little ones don’t touch and break it. In short, while we think the stoplight is intriguing to children, our tiny testers quickly lost interest in this product and we worried it was only a matter of time until the ceramic figure fell off or got dropped. However, if all you care about is a good light change and you don’t want to mess around with teaching time or confusing functions you don’t plan to use, then it may be a good stop gap between getting up too early and getting a few extra zzs. Though honestly, a light timer and a lamp can do this for you for a much lower price.

No matter which clock you decide is right for you, please use caution and pay attention to any manufacturer warning labels when determining age appropriateness and whether or not little ones should have unsupervised access to the clock. While the My Tot Clock is designed for some hands-on kid play, the Stoplight Clock clearly has not, and the Mirari options fall somewhere in the middle and appear to be more age-dependent.

Toddler Clock Buying Advice
If your toddler finds his way to your bed in the middle of the night or is ready to start the day at ungodly early hours, you are surely dealing with toddler sleep issues and likely wicked sleep deprivation. We know, we’ve been there.

For many, relief comes in the form of a good Toddler Clock.

My Tot Clock (New and Improved Version) has both a digital clock face and digital time.
My Tot Clock (New and Improved Version) has both a digital clock face and digital time.

What are Toddler Clocks?
Modern toddler clocks work primarily by changing color to alert little ones that the day has officially begun. Parents can set them to light up or change color (depending on the model) at a specific wake up time whether it is in the morning or for a nap. They are a great tool that can potentially help children learn about clocks and time via visual and auditory cues, and presents them with the opportunity to feel responsible for their own actions by respecting other’s sleep time. This means that children can potentially be learning about numbers, clocks, and the passage of time in a natural and relevant manner. Though the learning process typically takes patience and repetition, most children will quickly understand the concept of red means no (stay in bed) and green means go (time to get up and start the day!).

The Onaroo Teach Me Time has both a conventional clock confront and computerized numbers Stoplight Sleep Enhancing Alarm Clock While comparative in plan the New and Original My Tot Clock are altogether different is estimate. In this way the faceplates and storybooks for each (sold independently) are not perfect

Our Selection Process

Choosing which checks to incorporate into our audit, we drew from our own experience utilizing My Tot Clock and hit the blocks with some online research to discover which different tickers were the most prominent. The market in this classification is still moderately new, so there were just a bunch of conceivable outcomes for timekeepers that offered a shading change that shows when the time has come to remain dozing and when it is alright to get up. We additionally centered around tickers with style that youngsters will probably be amped up for and need to utilize.

We tried four determinations one next to the other contrasting their highlights, capacities, ease of use, and agreeability for the two guardians and youngsters. We put these tickers through hell and back with kiddos from two-to six-years of age and found that in the realm of timekeepers for little children, there truly is a major distinction.

While the UI on the Teach Me Time is troublesome and not instinctive getting the entrance board open is simple and youngsters will promptly have the capacity to open it making it not childproof.

While the UI on the Teach Me Time is troublesome and not instinctive, getting the entrance board open is simple and kids will promptly have the capacity to open it making it not childproof.

Clock Considerations

We tried these timekeepers hands-on more than a while. Our objectives were to decide how well every one functions, which capacities were extremely utilized after some time, and regardless of whether they withstood customary everyday utilize. They were each utilized for no less than a little while and we focused on youngsters’ commitment in the clock after some time and on the off chance that they adjusted to the shading change idea effortlessly.

These four tickers were additionally contrasted with one another as far as the accompanying target measurements: highlights, set up (counting guidance quality), structure, execution, quality, and child sealing.

The red shade of the Tot Clock shows inconvenience and minimal ones make sense of this rapidly.

The red shade of the Tot Clock shows inconvenience and minimal ones make sense of this rapidly.

Highlights and Set Up

At their most fundamental dimension, the majority of the timekeepers we tried have a period setting highlight and somewhere around one shading change caution to demonstrate that the time has come to rise and sparkle. We set up and utilized the checks as laid out in their manuals, or online data, examining every one on the fact that it was so natural to set and regardless of whether the UI is instinctive. A portion of the timekeepers accompanied directions on the clock itself as well as other people offered manuals with more detail on the most proficient method to flip through the catches. The My Tot Clock and My Sleep Clock have comparable setups and are both simple to set up with the My Sleep Clock having less highlights. The Teach Me Time is the hardest with few catches that each do various things relying upon how often you squeeze them or to what extent you hold them down. The directions for this clock (online just) weren’t much help, and we never figured out how to set its capable of being heard caution. The Ok to Wake and Stoplight Alarm Clock were in the middle of the My Tot Clock and the Teach personal Time as far as the setup trouble.

When you make sense of how to utilize them, a few tickers offer something other than a light change when it is alright to get up. The Teach Me Time has a showing highlight with a mechanical voice that urges minimal ones to figure the time and the capacity to press the foot to tell the time. The My Tot Clock has the most highlights including bedtime songs, stories, extra light markers, and background noise. Our little analyzers immediately made sense of the red timeout light (above left) that changes to green (above right) when timeout is finished. Some even made sense of how to roll out the shading improvement before the time was really up, demonstrating a conceivable child sealing issue. The My Sleep Clock has the highlights we think you’ll utilize the most and the shading change that feasible made you scan for a check in any case without the fancy odds and ends of the Tot Clock.

Youngsters were pulled in to the fun shape and senseless face of the Ok to Wake.

Kids were pulled in to the fun shape and senseless face of the Ok to Wake.

Plan and Performance

We considered generally speaking structure in accordance with parental convenience and tyke engaging quality. Obviously, it turned out to be clear which were favored, and which really worked as far as mechanical capacity and altering youngster rest practices. We had changing dimensions of accomplishment and the children had shifting dimensions of intrigue. While the Stoplight Clock was intriguing to the analyzers at first, they lost enthusiasm following several days and didn’t generally give the clock much idea past the difference in shading for whatever remains of the testing time frame. My Tot Clock unquestionably held the enthusiasm of the youngsters more than the others with highlights kids can use individually and cooperate with for extra fun. The My Sleep Clock has music and background noise no accounts, so while kids delighted in bearing the clock and squeezing the catches, it does not as much as its sibling. While the Mirari tickers were kind of fun at first, they didn’t hold up to My Tot Clock either. The Ok to Wake doesn’t do much, and the Teach Me Time can’t be utilized without a parent and if minimal ones endeavor to utilize it all alone they are probably going to unplug it which can make it quit working or require a reset.

The paint work on the Stoplight Alarm Clock isn’t extraordinary and demonstrates a general absence of value or scrupulousness.

The paint work on the Stoplight Alarm Clock isn’t extraordinary and shows a general absence of value or tender loving care.

Material Quality

Except for the My Tot Clock and My Sleep Clock, alternate tickers we tried are not of the best quality. As far as we can tell and those of other client audits, these tickers are made with materials that don’t motivate trust in life span and will probably capitulate to little child wear and tear. Moreover, the Stoplight Alarm Clock shows up aimlessly assembled with paste strings from part to part and painting that seems as though it was finished by a five-year-old. The two Mirari timekeepers are manufactured superior to the Stoplight with no conspicuous auxiliary issues, however they both harken contemplations of modest plastic. Truth be told, client surveys refer to huge inconvenience after some time, with the Mirari tickers either stopping to work or going into disrepair.

Both Mirari tickers have a back board that isn’t kid confirmation and was simple for youngsters to open without help before they even observed a grown-up do it.

Both Mirari tickers have a back board that isn’t kid evidence and was simple for kids to open without help before they even observed a grown-up do it.

Child Proofing

The vast majority of the tickers made endeavors at child sealing their catches or highlights, however not every one of them did it well. The Stoplight Clock offers minimal measure of child sealing with forward looking catches that are anything but difficult to press to change the settings without extremely attempting. While it is decent that little ones can turn the night light element on and off without anyone else’s input, it isn’t pleasant that they can set the caution or time for something totally unique in relation to the real time or alert guardians need. The clock is likewise exceptionally delicate and could be effectively broken if guiltlessly dropped by little hands. The Mirari tickers guarantee they have a “kid verification” “covered” compartment where their catches are found, yet the tot analyzers in our survey could pop the board open in less than 20 seconds without provoking or earlier information of the catch area or flip open best.

The New form of My Tot Clock has a faceplate that covers the UI making it the most tyke confirmation time we took a gander at. Anyway the best catches are as yet uncovered and some little analyzers made sense of the mystery code to utilize them rather rapidly

The New form of My Tot Clock has a faceplate that covers the UI making it the most kid verification time we took a gander at. Be that as it may, the best catches are as yet uncovered and some little analyzers made sense of the mystery code to utilize them rather rapidly

Just the New form of My Tot Clock and My Sleep Clock truly have quality child sealing with the greater part of the catches being totally disguised by the front faceplate on both. We think whether guardians just open the plate in private to modify the settings and stories, that kids could possibly never realize where the enchantment occurs on this clock. The faceplates aren’t anything but difficult to evacuate, and it isn’t evident that they can be expelled. The best catches are available and some minor analyzers figured out how to utilize them.

The Stoplight Alarm Clock accompanied some extremely messy painting and obvious paste masses abandoning us to scrutinize its general quality.

The Stoplight Alarm Clock accompanied some extremely messy painting and noticeable paste masses abandoning us to scrutinize its general quality.

Notwithstanding the control board issues on the majority of the tickers, just My Tot Clock and My Sleep Clock are worked so that youngsters can really play with and hold the timekeepers. The Stoplight Clock is mostly artistic and the vehicle can come free from the base whenever mistreated on the grounds that just a tad of paste keeps the vehicle connected to the base. The Mirari timekeepers both show up to some degree delicate and we stressed over use after some time if kids held or moved them excessively. We speculate they wouldn’t hold up to ordinary taking care of and are, along these lines, not childproof.


Finding a valuable little child clock can be the distinction between a decent night’s rest and getting up before the sun. While not a need for all families, it could feel like a need for you should your little one experience difficulty deciding when it is alright to wake up and investigate and when they have to get some genuinely necessary closed eye. We think there is a possibility for most families I

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